10 Negatives VS Positives about Splatoon 2

Ever since the original Splatoon came out, with its bright and vibrant colours, adorable characters that the world fell in love with, and some great online gameplay that players around the world couldn’t help but enjoy; it’s no surprise that Nintendo decided to make a sequel for the game. A sequel that manages to perfect on the original Splatoon formula tenfold!

Colourful and Bright World

One of the greatest parts of the original Splatoon was the great colours that were spread out throughout the entirety of the game; yet in the sequel these colours have only improved by a serious amount. Everywhere you look, you’ve got bright greens, bright purples, and bright pretty much everything and it simply reminds the player of just how good looking this game and its world truly is. Of all of the aspects that Nintendo managed to improve in this game, the colours and overall visuals are some of the best.

Still Can’t Change Gear in the Lobby

This is currently a frustration that players of the original Splatoon will have wished was gone, but alas that doesn’t seem the case. As of right now, you can’t currently change out your desired loadout in a lobby just before a game starts and it’s one of the more annoying parts of the game. There’s no real reason to restrict the player from doing it, as it means they have to sort everything out before they even consider joining a lobby. What makes it even more frustrating is when you’ve gone into a lobby and your entire team appears to have the same exact loadout as you, and the only way you can deal with that is by leaving and joining again, all in the hopes that you find a more varied team – an unnecessary waste of time, that’s for sure.

10 Negatives VS Positives about Splatoon 2

Fast, Frantic Gameplay

Back again from the original Splatoon is the fast and frantic gameplay that we’ve all come to know and love at this point. By the time you jump into your first game, you’ll quickly come to realise that you’re not going to have a single minute to catch your breath, since the game is action-packed from the very moment you start to play. Regardless of your loadout at the time, you’ll easily be able to lose hours upon hours into this game, no matter how much time you’ve already put into the original Splatoon, as the developers have only improved on it that much more.

No in-game Voice Chat

This is something that the fans of the series have been requesting for a while now, but once again it seems Nintendo are adamant to include it in their family-friendly shooter. Initially, it’s not such a big deal, but as you get into playing the game more and more and potentially want to start coordinating with the other players on your team, you’re quickly going to get shot down, which is a real shame. The only real way to circumnavigate this is to get a few friends, download a 3rd party application, and communicate through that, because otherwise you’re going to have a slightly more frustrating time when playing online.

Improved Mechanics and Gameplay

With a brand new sequel to a game, you can expect to see some vast improvements all across the board, and with Splatoon 2 that is exactly what you get. All of the major mechanics from the original Splatoon are improved and feel better than ever, without being too drastically changed to be considered a confusing new rendition of the originals; something many players are going to appreciate when they play the game for the first time.

10 Negatives VS Positives about Splatoon 2

Feels More Like Splatoon 1.5

No one can say that Splatoon 2 hasn’t improved a whole host of features from the original game, but at the end of the day, it still just feels like Splatoon 1 with some brand new updates, and at times that’s rather deflating. Even with this brand new game, it does feel a lot like the original Splatoon and in a lot of senses that’s great, that’s what players wanted more of, but that doesn’t stop the overall package feeling a little bit lacklustre if you’ve already put more than 60 hours into the original at this point and don’t feel there’s anything more worth seeing in the series.

Plenty of New Guns to Try

One great thing about a brand new shooter – especially when it comes to the sequels – you get a whole new selection of grade-A weapons for you to try whenever you see fit and it quickly extends the life of both the game and the series in general. What makes the brand new weaponry that much better is the fact that all of them are fun to use, even if you aren’t the best with them as of yet. Some guns may not be quite to your liking, but with the array of weapons at your disposal, before too long, you are bound to find something you love to use.

10 Negatives VS Positives about Splatoon 2

Grouping with Friends is Painful

For many years at this point, the way we group up with our friends in games is incredibly easy: someone sends an invite, the recipient accepts, and then they’re in a party together and can play from there on, side-by-side. Nintendo decided that this particular practice isn’t quite how they like to do things, so instead you have to have a friend join a lobby, only to have you join them in that lobby and hope you get in on time before the match starts. What makes this just that little bit worse is that you aren’t necessarily going to be on the same team, which is a ridiculous notion when you realise that you’re playing a shooting game that revolves around working as a team; hence the reason you’re playing with a friend.

Single-Player Makes a Worthwhile Return

In online-specific games – especially when it comes to shooters – it’s reported that a majority of the player base don’t even consider touching the single-player side of things, but with Splatoon 2, that mentality would have you missing out on a great experience. Inside the brand new single-player campaign is plenty of fun and interesting levels to play through, a plot to sink your teeth into, and some new mechanics that rear their head when you jump online that you won’t want to miss out on.

Rotating Maps and Game modes is Still a Thing

A feature in the original Splatoon that players were rather up in arms about was the rotation of different maps and game modes every few hours, rather than having access to all the maps and game modes at one point. If you’ve played Splatoon, you’re going to have a favourite game mode or map that you love to play when you get the chance, but when you realise that you’re going to need to wait about 6 hours for that particular map to be part of the rotation is frustrating. Nintendo have their reasons for this, as to not segregate their players, but other shooters and FPS games don’t do this and don’t nearly have the same problem with having too many splits between their players. While it may be a problem that Nintendo seek to solve, not everyone is happy to sit at home, waiting for that one map to come on that you’ve not had the chance to play all day; all thanks to the fact that it wasn’t in the rotation when you first loaded up the game!

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