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5 Negatives for State of Decay 2

State of Decay 2 is one of the most anticipated Xbox One exclusives for some time.



5 Negatives for State of Decay 2

5 Negatives for State of Decay 2

One of the most anticipated Xbox One exclusives for some time has not long been released unto the public, but even with all the hype that surrounded this game, it couldn’t exactly escape all of its problems. Here are 5 of the biggest problems in State of Decay 2 that are bound to come up whilst playing.

1. Exactly Like State of Decay 1

5 Negatives for State of Decay 2

A big worry when this game was starting to get closer and closer to release was that it was going to be just like the first State of Decay and when it was released, everyone’s fears were proven correct. The general gameplay loop and the graphics for the game looked so similar to the title that was released on the Xbox 360 and that really wasn’t a good sign for the game.

While the visuals and mechanics have been improved on slightly, the general consensus is that it feels almost identical to the first State of Decay game and while players did want more of the same from the State of Decay franchise; the copy and paste formula really wasn’t the ideal way to go for this game.

2. Resource Gathering Becomes a Chore

5 Negatives for State of Decay 2

With any survival game, resource gathering is a major part of the general gameplay, but that doesn’t mean it has to become tedious and boring after a while; not if the developer has managed to keep it both interesting and engaging for the player.

In the case of State of Decay 2, the resource gathering mechanic typically has you enter a house, clear it of zombies, and then go through all of the drawers to see if you can find anything of use, and if you do, you’re then expected to take those resources back to your base of operations to add them to your stockpile. At the beginning of the game it starts off as exciting, even thrilling, but it quickly becomes a tedious task that you can’t evade if you want your survivors and settlement to survive for more than a couple of days and as such, the whole experience quickly becomes a chore to do.

3. Lack of Engaging Story

5 Negatives for State of Decay 2

At the very start of the game, you’re expected to pick and choose between 1 of 3 different survivors, each with their own traits and strengths. Depending on who you pick, the story will go in one of 3 ways and you’ll then get to see just what small differences each story arch has, and they really aren’t all that impressive. Each one is just as dull and uninteresting as the last, and no matter how hard you want to try and become engaged in the whole story, there really is no reason to. Every single one of the options is just a dull overall experience and is bound to quickly get forgotten and ignored by everyone who plays the game for themselves.

4. No Hard to Make Decisions

5 Negatives for State of Decay 2

The crux of any great zombie movie or game is the hard to make decisions that crop up regularly for the player/protagonist to decide on. In a world as brutal and savage as a zombie apocalypse, decisions aren’t meant to be easy and that should be conveyed to the player, if a developer wants to give the player that ultimate zombie-themed thrill ride from start to finish. State of Decay 2 does what it can to force the player to make some decisions, but they aren’t particularly tough to make and have very little impact on the game as a whole. It’s teased that you should watch out for personalities that might clash, but that doesn’t crop up once in the game, and the hardest decisions you end up making is whether or not you allow a survivor into your compound. On the off chance that you do decline their request, nothing more happens and then they never show up again, and it just further demonstrates that decisions in the game just don’t matter and that’s a real detriment to the game as a whole.

5. Character Traits Barely Matter

5 Negatives for State of Decay 2

Following on from hard to make decisions, each survivor in the game has their own individual traits that make them unique and allow for the player to receive certain advantages when dealing with several aspects out in the world. For instance, some survivors might have a bonus to weapons that cut, whereas others might be better with handguns or automatic rifles. Despite these character traits that are designed to make each survivor unique and give the player a reason to think about whether they want those traits for their optimal playstyle, they just aren’t worth the worry. Quite frankly, though, the likelihood of the traits doing anything at all is very little and the bonuses they provide are incredibly difficult to see any differences for, making them somewhat redundant overall.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, it’s easy to say that State of Decay 2 isn’t exactly the game everyone was quite hoping for, but that hasn’t stopped it from being a solid game either way. These issues aren’t exactly complete deal breakers for the game but should be kept in mind when deciding to purchase the game. Overall, though, the enjoyment that can be found in State of Decay 2 typically outweighs the negatives and considering that the developers only just recently added a 20GB update to the game, it shows that they aren’t quite ready to leave the game out in the cold.



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