Dragon Ball FighterZ Review – 5 Things I Hate

Dragon Ball FighterZ is easy to consider one of the flashiest and most interesting and enjoyable fighting games to have come out of the genre in quite some time, but even this wonderful new entry to the Dragon Ball franchise isn’t without its own problems.

While it may be a great game, I’ve managed to highlight 5 different problems that the game currently has that might make it a little difficult to enjoy the game to the full extent.

Dragon Ball FighterZ Review – 5 Things I Hate

1: Playing Against Friends Does Not Work

A great feature of many fighting games is the ease of play for a one-on-one fight, be it online or on the couch next to one another. When it comes to playing online with some friends it pretty much just does not work how you would expect it.

One of the biggest problems for Dragon Ball FighterZ is the lobby system – which will show up later on the list – so, because of this system, you have to go through a painful number of menial tasks, simply to set up a generic 2-player versus mode that can be easily set up in any other fighting game.

Dragon Ball FighterZ Review – 5 Things I Hate

In terms of ease of use, all you should have to do is find your friend on a friends list and invite them to a quick versus match, but FighterZ doesn’t even come close to that system, meaning that if you want to play a few matches with some friends then you are in tough luck.

Not only is it painful to try and locate your friends personal lobby to play them, sometimes the game will report that no rooms were found, thus resulting in a problem that you can’t play together for no real reason whatsoever and it has quickly become one of the biggest problems for the game.

2: The Lobby System

The lobby system was briefly mentioned previously, but it really does need to be reiterated just how frustrating and unnecessary the lobby system really is.

How the lobby system works is like a glorified and overly complicated main menu. Instead of going through a selection of menus to find the one thing you were looking for like every-other sensible game, everything has to be done in this weird hub-like world that’s filled with chibi characters.

Dragon Ball FighterZ Review – 5 Things I Hate

Even if you want to play single player, you still have to load into this annoying hub world that no one seems to be enjoying, locate what it is you’re looking for and go from there. Overall, it’s such an unnecessary step that the developers have put into the game that’s a real detriment to the game, because it effects so many elements of the game, with the exception of gameplay, obviously.

3: First Load is Exceptionally Long

Many games have their fair share of long load times or long loading screens, but FighterZ has recently been demonstrating that it quite enjoys its long load times, at least from the first time you load up the game that day at least.

When you load the game for the first time, before you’re thrust into the hub world to choose what you want to do next, the game goes through a number of different windows that say, ‘connecting online’, ‘acquiring settings’, and ‘loading content’.

Dragon Ball FighterZ Review – 5 Things I Hate

There are so many of these that it’s quite hard to list them and they aren’t particularly quick either.

Every time you get done with one, it almost seems like another one is on its way to impede your overall experience for this otherwise great game.

Just like the previous two problems, this one can also be attributed to the lobby system, forcing the game to load in all of these online extras that you wouldn’t expect, unless you chose to go online; but since you don’t choose what menu you want to be in to begin with, the game has to compensate for all of them, just in case it gets caught off guard and that’s ridiculous.

4: Rather Lacking Roster for a DragonBall Game

It’s been quite some time since we’ve had any form of a decent 2D fighting game for the Dragon Ball franchise and as such we’ve become accustomed to have so many different characters and variations on our favourite characters from the series, but FighterZ is one of the first Dragon Ball games in some time to have such a small roster in comparison.

Now, while it is completely understandable why the roster is much smaller this time around, and that’s because the developers had to put a lot more work in the animations and the visuals for each individual character.

Only having 24 characters in a Dragon Ball fighting game, though, is pretty much unprecedented and hard to look past; especially when some of those characters are simply different versions of that original character.

5: Simple Auto Combos Feel Too Similar

To allow for a wider audience, FighterZ has brought a simplified auto-system to the game, so by button mashing a few attacks, you’ll manage to get out a relatively simple combo to give the illusion of being great at a fighting game.

While this is a nice addition for people who don’t typically play fighting games, the auto-like nature of these combos means that many of them feel really similar to one another and that’s a bad feeling when it comes to fighting games.

Dragon Ball FighterZ Review – 5 Things I Hate

Half of the fun in a fighting game is to perform an incredible combo in the heat of the moment to best your opponent, but if you can simply spam A until that combo chain ends, it ends up feeling quite samey and lacklustre for the most part and becomes more boring the more you play the game.

Summary – Dragon Ball FighterZ Review

Despite these 5 negatives, Dragon Ball FighterZ is a great fighting game and a refreshing change from the usual Dragon Ball fighting game philosophy of being only 3D fighters.

Not only does the gameplay feel incredibly strong and receptive; visually the game looks stunning and looks almost as if it was ripped straight out of the anime and that’s what makes the games aesthetics look so impressive.

Dragon Ball FighterZ Review – 5 Things I Hate

Regardless of this game’s problems, its positives outweigh so easily that it’s not even a concern – if you need a good fighting game in your life, FighterZ is certainly that game.

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