PES 2019 – 5 Positives and Negatives

Another year another PES, that seems to be the trick with most sports games nowadays. Even PES can’t escape this cycle and has got itself into creating yearly entries into the franchise, but the question is, are they getting any better? Well, through a comprehensive list of 5 different positives and negatives, we can finally decide if PES 2019 is worth purchasing or not.

To make things easier to understand, the list will list off the first 5 negatives and then follow up with the 5 positives to balance the pair out!

1. More of the Same

Let’s get the most obvious negative out of the way for most people, and that’s the fact that it’s primarily more of the same. For the most part, if you’ve played one Pro Evolution Soccer game then you’ve played them all and for fans, that’s great, as it means you simply get more of what you love. Anyone that’s played these games before, though and didn’t find themselves enjoying their time with them, then this latest iteration isn’t going to change your opinion on that.

PES 2019 – 5 Positives and Negatives

2. Commentators are Rather Repetitive

This tends to be a regular occurrence for most sports games, but it’s just one of those things that’s hard to avoid; not that it means it’s any less irritating once you notice it. The commentators quite quickly end up repeating many of their same lines and hearing the same thing over and over again can become quite repetitive after a while. The only way to truly avoid this problem is to have them muted from the very offset.

PES 2019 – 5 Positives and Negatives

3. Master League is no Different

Once again, the sin of making very little changes strikes again, this time around in the Master League. For instance, if you found any issues involving the Master League the first time around, you’re going to be very disappointed knowing that your cries of woe have yet to be heard. It would have been nice to see some more changes to this area of the game, but it looks like we’re going to have to wait until the 2020 version of the franchise before we see something new it seems.

4. Missing 2 Important Leagues

Over the years we’ve seen PES do its best to beat out its competition FIFA with everything it has to offer, but unfortunately, once again, PES has not got away with all of the licensing deals that they were hoping for. As a result, two of the biggest leagues in the whole game – UEFA Champions League and the Europa League – aren’t available in the game and that’s a big part of Football history right there. Missing out on such a major part of Football really hurts the game, even more so for fans of the sport and those Leagues respectively.

PES 2019 – 5 Positives and Negatives

5. Not Enough Variety

PES’ counterparts have always been one-up on the game modes and even with the latest iteration in the franchise, that hasn’t changed much. PES has always been about pure Football and while that’s all well and good for fans of the sport, it’d be nice to have a little change of pace here and there every now again, but with PES 2019 that hasn’t fixed that unfortunate nature of the game, sadly.

PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2019_20180828150254

After the first 5 negatives, it’s time to move onto something more positive – the positives of the game!

1. Looks Absolutely Incredible

As is no surprise with the most updated version of a franchise, the game is going to look great, but PES 2019 is on another level. The visuals have all been updated and vastly improved, with many people saying it’s the best-looking Football game out on the market right now, with almost no competition. This year it even seems to be beating out FIFA with its visuals and graphics this time around, which isn’t an easy feat most of the time.

2. Controls Are More Refined

Once again, the controls have been refined and improved over the years, but PES 2019 really takes the cake with this one, as it really has improved the overall feel of the game immensely. Each player feels as if they have some real control behind them this time around and the way the ball feels once it’s being kicked around the pitch is unparallel. It’s an element of the game that’s hard to explain but is definitely a great improvement from some of the previous entries.

PES 2019 – 5 Positives and Negatives

3. Updated List of Players

With another year we get another list of players, and PES once again manages to deliver for the most part some of the greatest names in Football. For casual fans of the sport this might not be a big deal but for fans of the game, they’re going to love seeing some of the best players right now right there on the pitch in some of the best visuals that the series has seen so far.

4. Just as Approachable as Ever

A great aspect of this series is just how accessible it is for any type of player. You can either know as much as Football as there is to know or you can barely know what exactly the offside rule is. Despite the clear differences between the two, no matter just how casual or hardcore of a player you are, PES 2019 is just as approachable as ever and it means you can enjoy the game, regardless of your level of knowledge. That’s the sort of approach you want from sports games; to not be afraid to learn and play them.

PES 2019 – 5 Positives and Negatives

5. Online Has Once Again Been Improved

A known issue for some of the previous PES games were the fact that the online wasn’t nearly as stable as it should be. It really did make playing online a complete chore and that’s where sports games are meant to shine! Thankfully, though, this time around the online has greatly been improved and makes playing PES an absolute dream online – regardless if you’re playing with a complete stranger or a couple of friends.

PES 2019 – 5 Positives and Negatives

Final View

PES 2019 definitely isn’t a perfect Football game, but it’s the closest thing the market has right now. FIFA does dominate it somewhat with its licensed Leagues, but the overall gameplay is quite possibly the stronger of the two. For anyone that’s looking for a great Football title to pick up, then PES 2019 is definitely your best option as of right!

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